The Tips on How to Care for Your Motorcycle Headlights

July 12th, 2019 by

7 Inch Daymaker Project LED Headlamp | Jet City Harley-Davidson in Renton, WAThere are many crucial parts of a motorcycle that need to be in working order come rain or shine, and one you can’t do without is the headlight. Consider these helpful tips to keep the light shining bright and pointed in the right direction.

Cleaning Foggy Headlights

When oncoming traffic is headed your way, you want them to see you clear as a bell. If your bike’s headlight is foggy, you and your bike can appear as a smudged blur on the horizon. With so many things for car drivers to keep an eye on, you want to be sure you’re clearly seen to avoid a potential accident.

Cleaning the headlight is an easy process that requires only a little time and elbow grease. All you need are a few cleaning items to wash away the dirt and grime buildup, leaving behind a crystal-clear lens with a brilliant beam of light.

Headlight Preparedness

Nothing lasts forever and that includes the headlight bulb on your motorcycle. Just like a lamp in your home, once it goes out, it won’t be coming back. This is a dangerous situation if you’re out at night and all of a sudden find yourself stranded in the dark. To ensure this doesn’t happen, there are several things you can do to be prepared.

Keeping a spare bulb or two is the first step in headlight preparedness. Determine the type of bulb(s) that work with your bike’s headlight unit and buy several spares. Next, before you’re in the position of dealing with a burned-out bulb on the side of the road, acquaint yourself with how to change your headlight bulb. This means practice removing the existing bulb using the necessary tools, removing screws, disconnecting the coupler (if necessary), and removing and replacing the bulb. Knowing how to do the steps beforehand is especially important if you have to change a bulb in the dark. Last, select a safe place on the bike to store the spare bulbs, along with a flashlight and spare batteries so you can see what you’re doing

Aiming the Headlight

With all the riding on highways and byways on surfaces that may be more rough than ready, your bike’s headlight takes a lot of abuse. This can result in a less-than-precision aim of the beam. When this happens, you won’t be able to clearly see what lies ahead, and for oncoming traffic, an off-kilter and blinding beam emanating from your motorcycle can be confusing.

The same rule holds true for aiming headlights as it is for maintaining other parts of the bike: be prepared by understanding the steps involved and practicing those steps so you can aim the headlight on the fly. A properly aimed headlight eliminates the possibility of being issued a ticket by law enforcement, helps lessen the potential of an accident, and keeps your bike on the straight and narrow with a properly aimed beam.

Keep your motorcycle headlight aimed in the right direction, the bulb burning bright, and the fog lifted from the lens, and you’re sure to have a clear path to destinations near and far.

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