4 Things You Need to Know About the 2020 Harley-Davidson Ultra Limited

March 27th, 2020 by
2020 Harley-Davidson Ultra Limited - Jet City Harley-Davidson in Renton, WA

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Do you need to replace your current touring bike, or are you considering getting your first? Check out the 2020 Harley-Davidson Ultra Limited. This touring bike is ready to hit the open road on the way to your next adventure.

  1. Twin-Cooled Milwaukee-Eight 114 Engine

As you grip your heated handgrips, you’ll feel the power of the twin-cooled Milwaukee-Eight 114 Engine that powers your new 2020 Harley-Davidson Ultra Limited. The engine is a V-2 four-stroke engine that gives you 113.99 cubic inches of displacement. It generates 100 horsepower and 122 pound-feet of torque using a double overhead camshaft. The engine features a six-speed gearbox.

  1. Storage Options

Pack what you need for your trip. Your new bike includes the Premium Tour-Pak Luggage Carrier. It has enough room for your helmet as well as your passengers plus some essentials. Keep even more essentials at hand using the one-touch saddlebags. Both have plenty of space inside for anything you need when you take a rest stop.

  1. Boom! GTS Infotainment System and HD Connect

Keep yourself connected and entertained on the road with the Boom! Box GTS Infotainment System. The touch screen system includes three operation buttons. Tap the phone button and make a hands-free phone call from anywhere. Easily access your onboard navigation system by tapping the navigation button. This brings up a turn-by-turn map for you to follow. The music feature lets you access your favorite songs with either hand or voice controls.

The system is compatible with Apple CarPlay. You can use it to send and receive text messages as well as access some of your favorite apps. You can change the color of the background to make it easier to see. Connect your Harley-Davidson app to your bike. This allows you to transfer information on planned routes or possible points of interest on the way to your destination.

Beyond the controls for the system, a back button is in your right handgrip. You can also jump through the options with the quick jump feature.

  1. Optional Reflex Driver Systems

Stay safe on the road with the optional Reflex Defensive Driver Systems. The advanced braking system features an anti-lock brake system designed to keep the wheels from locking up. There is a cornering enhancement added to the brake system that gives you more control as you maneuver through various curved roads. The traction control gives you extra grip and helps you avoid wheel slip.

If you are climbing a steep hill, take advantage of the vehicle hold control feature. It uses pressure from the brakes to keep the bike from rolling backward. You can also use this feature when you are going across a bridge or up a parking ramp. It is not a substitute for your parking brake. Check your tires at a glance with the tire pressure monitoring system.

Are you ready to explore the 2020 Harley-Davidson Ultra Limited in person? Stop by Jet City Harley-Davidson today. Our friendly staff looks forward to answering your questions and getting you on your bike.

Image via H-D Assets