2019 Harley-Davidson Sportster Forty-Eight in Renton, WA

2019 Harley-Davidson Sportster Forty-EightThe Harley-Davidson Sportster Forty-Eight features an aggressive stance with large front forks and fat tires. The narrow frame and low seat add to the lean and mean look, The Forty-Eight is one of the nicest looking cruiser bikes you’ll find on the market with an aesthetic that gives old school vibe. Even when parked, it looks ready to take on anything. Here is a look at the 2019 Harley-Davison Sportster Forty-Eight.

Paint Options

The list of paint options for this Sportster Forty-Eight includes everything from Vivid Black to Rugged Gold Denim. In between, there is Wicked Red Denim, Industrial Grey, Blue Max, and Scorched Orange with Black Denim. The iconic 2.1-gallon peanut tank in any of these colors gives your bike a powerful bulldog look, and while the color stands out, the tank style allows the powerful engine to show through.

Styling (Features)

There are many features of the Sportster Forty-Eight that set it apart from its competitors. A fat front wheel gives the front end a beefy look and a dominating presence. The MT90 tire also helps to smooth out the ride and provide excellent handling. Upfront, the 49 mm fork has triple clamps and a huge fork brace, and Harley Davidson added cartridge damping tech to help with the handling on any type of road surface.

The unique look of the Forty-Eight is emphasized by the forward controls and the low handlebars. The low bars and low foot controls add to the low slung look that give it an aggressive appearance, and this style also puts the rider in a forward-leaning position with their weight forward over the bikes center-of-mass which allows for more controlled cornering. This Sportster also has dropped mirrors that sit tucked underneath the handlebars which give the front end a clean, uncluttered look.

In the back, the Emulsion rear shock had a pre-load screw adjuster to eat up road imperfections. You can even adjust the shock to fit the way you like to ride. The 9-spoke cast-aluminum wheels have machined highlights to add to the look, and since the construction is lightweight aluminum, the fat front tire still feels light.

Riders will feel confident on the road with the Sportster Forty-Eight’s foundation braking system. The disc brakes have a single caliper, and ABS is an available option. Just keep in mind that adding ABS lengthens the minimum braking distance.


The power for the Forty-Eight comes from a V-Twin engine known for its low-end torque and loud growl. The 1,202 cc Evolution engine starts with the original Evo Sporty and adds some features to make sure it keeps up with regulations and gives customers what they want. The one-piece transmission and engine unit attaches to a tubular steel, dual-downtube frame.

The engine comes blacked out with chrome rocker boxes and chrome pushrod tubes. It also has chrome derby covers, and a sold chrome muffler and exhaust shields. The air-cooled long-stroke engine will get 70.8 pound-feet of torque right out of the gate and will quickly accelerate up to highway speed.